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Directing Actors Intensive

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2-day In Person Workshop

04/06/24-04/07/24 10am-2pm PST

in Los Angeles, CA



516 N Sepulveda Blvd.

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Price: $450

The director/actor relationship is a fundamental and critical component of the filmmaking process. It plays a crucial role in shaping the overall quality and success of a film. As a director, if you don't understand your actor's process, know how to support them in reaching emotional depth or know how to allow your actors to live truthfully in a scene it will show on the screen and your movie will suffer.

Meet The Instructors

DAY 1 - Taught by Jemal McNeil 

Will cover what type of director do you want to be and help you set expectations for yourself and your actors. 


In this class Jemal will teach you the following: 


How to speak the actors language

History of acting techniques

Setting expectations when working with actors

Auditioning Actors

How to know an actors emotional range

Click below to learn to learn more about Jemal and his coaching methods.

DAY 2 - Taught by Landi Maduro

Will cover how to work with actors to capture their best performance.

In this class Landi will teach you the following: 

Balancing creativity and practicality with flexibility

Knowing when to stop the camera

How to develop your style of working with actors

How to work around acting issues on set

How to give actionable direction

How to set safeguards to protect actors on set

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To register click the payment option that best fits your needs. 

Recording of Directing Actors Intensive

Can't make the workshop in-person? 

Pre-order the recording of the class.

Price: $250

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the class be held?
The class will be held in Los Angeles, CA. We will announce the address for the classes soon. 


How does the Payment Plan work?

The price of the class will be broken up into three monthly payments. The payments will be deducted automatically each month on the card you provide. If you are a WOCF member and you enter your discount code the discount will be applied to the first payment. 

Will this class be recorded?
This class is best experienced in person. However we will be recording it. If you have to miss a class or if you just want a refresher, the video will be made a available for all registered students for 60 days.  

What if I need to cancel? 
If you need to cancel, full refunds are available until the first day of class. If you need to cancel once class starts your payment can be credited to another class, workshop or service we provide.

How many students per class? 
This class will be limited to a maximum of 40 students. 

Is this class for beginning or advanced directors? 
This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to effectively work with actors as a director. Your experience level does not matter.

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to call our office at 818 350-3866. 

If you have any questions send me an email. 

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