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Filmmaker's Business Bootcamp

07/28/24- 10am -7pm PST

Individuals: $650

Team of 2: $700 (Both must be writers and/or producers on the film)

Location: In Person (Los Angeles)

Lunch and snacks provided

Unlock Filmmaking Success!

Bring your laptop and be ready to sweat out all the mind trash that has kept you playing small. This 9-hour intensive is a hands-on bootcamp designed specifically for indie filmmakers who want to learn the business acumen necessary to thrive in the competitive film industry. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your career to the next level, this bootcamp will equip you with the tools and knowledge to prep your film for pitching to potential investors, executive producers and production companies and help you find unique way of making money from your film. 

In this class we will cover:

  • Work through mental barriers and limiting beliefs.

  •  Tighten your logline so that it is clear and concise.


  • Review and structure your pitch deck. 

  • Review and practice your pitch.

  • Develop strategies to grow your audience and create a loyal fan base.


  • Develop your business plan for your film with tangible goals and deadlines for execution.


  • Develop your marketing plan for your film with tangible goals and deadlines for execution.


  • Develop ancillary products for your films for additional revenue streams through merchandise, licensing, and more.


  • Develop a distribution plan for your film.

You will leave bootcamp with a solid business plan and strategy for your film so you can shop it, raise money to get it made and distributed.

Bootcamp Highlights

  • Landi will share how she has successfully navigated the business side of filmmaking and has helped other filmmakers do the same.

  • You will present your pitch materials for feedback

  • Breakout sessions to work on what you have learned and refine your business plan immediately.

  • Resources and Tools: Receive exclusive materials and templates to help you plan and execute your business strategy.

Class Requirements

This bootcamp is only for serious filmmakers who are ready to push themselves out of their comfort zone and work hard to next level. 

In order to attend this workshop you must have the following:

1. A draft of your pitch deck.

2. An estimated budget that includes marketing, post production and distribution.

3. Your trailer or 2-minute pitch video if applicable.

4. A positive attitude and ready to work hard!

You will submit your pitch deck, estimated budget and trailer or 2-minute pitch video one-week before bootcamp and be ready to present what you have  submitted in class. We will work on fine tuning during the workshop. 

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To register select the payment option that best fits your needs. 



Frequently Asked Questions:​

How do teams work?

A team consists of no more than two people. Both must be an above-the-line crew and hold either a position of writer or producer on the film for which you are creating a business plan. We will not accept people who are hired directors and did not write or produce the film.

Can I present more than one film project? Since this is a one-day intensive we will only accept one film presentation. 

Do I need to have a written script?

You should have a draft of your script written (does not have to be your final draft) and you are ready to put a business plan together to seek out investors and create a marketing strategy.

I'm still trying to figure out how to make a pitch deck. Do I need to have one before bootcamp starts?  Yes. The purpose of this workshop is to fine-tune your pitch materials. Do the best you can and be ready to submit them before class starts. 

Do I need a trailer or a 2-minute video pitch to attend the class? No, you do not need to have a trailer or video pitch to attend class. You will be presenting your pitch to the class so if you do not have a video you can do it verbally. 

How does the Payment Plan work?

The price of the class will be broken up into three monthly payments. The payments will be deducted automatically each month on the card you provide. If you have a discount code the discount will be applied to the first payment. If you do not have funds available at the time of the automatic deduction a $25 late feel will be applied to your account. After two late payments you will no longer have access to any learning materials until your balance is paid in full. 

What if I have to miss class?

Unfortunately, this class is an in-person, hands-on class. It will not be recorded. If you miss the class you will receive a credit for another one of our workshops. 

What if I need to cancel? 
If you need to cancel, full refunds are available until the day before class. If you need to cancel once class starts your payment can be credited to another class, workshop, or service we provide.

How many students per class? 
This class will be limited to 15 students/teams.  

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to email 

If you have any questions send me an email. 

Thanks for submitting!

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