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Direct The Audience To What You Want Them To See

We as an audience have been trained to think and feel certain things when we see movies. Sometimes we are aware of what is to come in a film because we recognize the trope. We know when two characters look at each other longingly in a romantic comedy they are about to kiss. While watching a horror movie we clinch our popcorn in fear when a character is standing at the refrigerator because we know nine times out of ten the scary monster will be standing on the other side when that refrigerator door closes.

So what do you do when you don’t want the audience to know what is about to happen. How can you throw audiences off a bit about who your protagonist will ultimately be in the film? How can you make an audience want to side with your villain despite the wrong they have done even if it is not written in the script that way?


There are subtle ways you can influence your audience.


  • How you frame and light your characters

  •  How you move the camera about the scene

  • The camera lenses you chose

  • How you layout your sound design


All can have a profound effect on how the viewer feels when watching your film. When you can master how you want to reveal information about your characters without the character saying a word, your film will be dynamic not matter the camera or device you use.

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